55" Digital Signage Includes SuperSign TVs, Advertising Kiosks, and Interactive Panels

Digital Signage with 55" Screens for Promotional Campaigns, Wayfinding, and Touch-Screen Customer Engagement

Are you looking to expand the reach of your marketing campaigns beyond traditional printed media? Our 55" digital signage catalog includes floor standing touch and non-touch kiosks, outdoor double-sided advertisement stands, and SuperSign 4K televisions. Many of our systems include integrated content management software, wireless or Bluetooth capabilities, and ethernet cable connectivity to maintain, change, and edit promotional media as needed. Whether you are running a marketing campaign in-store, or looking to grasp the attention of passersby outside of your business, our 55" digital signage options are a geat way to showcase video content and draw potential customers into your establishment. Take advantage of multi-panel video wall systems for bustling public places such as stadiums, shopping malls, event halls, and airports to share larger-than-life content on shared screens or multiple streams of travel times, show information, or news. Floor standing 55" digital signage kiosks, especially those with locking casters, are a phenomenal addition to any marketing manager's toolkit with touch and non-touch options designed to engage with potential customers at the door, assist with wayfinding and product information, or even as a mobile advertisement showcase. Add any of these devices to your repertoire to go beyond traditional print media and communicate with your guests in new ways.

What Industries Best Utilize Digital Signage?
  • Retail shopping centers must take advantage of as much advertisable space as possible in order to ensure consistent sales. While printed posters and signs are traditional, and should still be implemented, 55" digital signage provides versatile, impactful, and memorable video content on large-format wall-mounted screens. Retailers use these options to fill wall space, streaming a steady flow of advertisements, or in some cases, music videos or movies for in-store entertainment.
  • For bars & restaurants, digital signage of all types is a staple, must-have, entertainment tool. Stream live sports, news, or movies for your guests to view while they eat or drink, keeping them invested, seated longer, and more likely to order additional items. Increase your marketing potential with digital media, be it slideshows, menus, or video as well. Some restaurants even capitalize on touch screen digital signage to allow customers to order as they enter the building, streamlining the process and eliminating wait time.
  • Airports and event centers utilize both video walls and mobile digital signage kiosks to communicate travel times, hotel information, and advertise to the thousands of guests traveling through their gates on any given day. A steady stream of information not only aids vacationers or businesspeople along their journey, but feeds them product ads, location details, and event news they may have otherwise missed and which may make their trip more memorable.
  • Outdoor venues such as amusement parks, races, and sporting stadiums especially benefit from our floor standing weatherproof digital signage kiosks due to their ability to thrive through extended exposure to the elements. Advertising efforts don't have to wait until your guests are firmly seated or exploring vendors, but around the front entrance, beside lines, or outdoor smoking areas.

Digital signage is a transformative way to improve your advertising and marketing efforts across the board by providing customers with memorable video content. Introduce interactive kiosks in order to create self-serve information hubs, saving your employees valuable time and allowing customers to discover new product or event information in their own time, without feeling rushed. Digital signage, such as 55" video walls, incorporate multi-panel systems to not only fill traditionally underutilized wall space, but to provide an easy-to-locate place for customers to review vital information at a glance. Displays2go's selection of digital advertisement screens are intended for use in any business, from family-owned boutiques, to professional sporting stadiums. Digital signage is versatile, and the content presented is catered to your specific marketing needs.

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