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60 x 48 Bulletin Boards - Self-Healing Noticeboards for Commercial Environments

60x48 Bulletin Boards - Cork and Fabric Noticeboards with Locking & Non-Locking Options

Are you on the hunt for a large space to post upcoming events, notices, or artwork? Our 60x48 bulletin boards are available in many styles to display posters, flyers, and announcements. Noticeboards are a staple in many commercial locations including community centers, office buildings, gyms, schools or churches. Memos can easily attach to the interior backboard of the 60x48 bulletin boards using pushpins or thumb tacks. These noticeboards are often filled with important information for the public. Our tackboards are impactful display tools that are extremely effective in high-traffic places and commercial environments.

What are some of the features of these noticeboards?
  • Many of our 60x48 bulletin boards are fashioned from self-healing cork. This type of material ensures that the surface will last through many years of pushpin use. Teachers, office managers, or supervisors won’t have to worry about their hanging supplies leaving holes or indents in the cork surface.
  • Boards made with gray fabric give the noticeboard a contemporary feel. Even though this material is a nontraditional option, thumb tacks still won’t leave any indentations. If you are someone who wants to steer away from the standard cork surface, this is perfect for you. Hang memos, pictures, or posters with ease!
  • Enclosed tackboards are available in silver and black frames. The closed fixtures have a locking ability and come with a key. There are swing and slide-open designs for easy loading of documents, flyers, or photos. These enclosed noticeboards are often found in high-traffic locations. Train stations, lobbies, or airports often have an information board of some kind. The bound design helps keep documents safe from harsh weather if placed outdoors as well. Acrylic lenses protect the contents of the noticeboard while allowing for a clear view inside.
  • Open cork boards have a traditional appearance, and are available with silver or wood frames. These are often found in school classrooms or community centers. The open design allows for anyone to display upcoming promotions, artwork, and flyers.

All our information boards are constructed from high quality materials. The appropriate mounting equipment is conveniently included. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quick shipping and low prices. Shop our large variety of cork and fabric boards from Displays2go to enhance any display space!

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