60 Inch TV Stand with Mount

Our 60 inch TV stand with mount selection combines the height and portability of a floor stand with the security and adjustability of a screen bracket! This style of flat screen display is often used in public, commercial, or industrial settings for those reasons. For example, one will often see a 60 inch TV stand with mount like the products on this page in schools, trade shows, retail settings, office buildings, lobbies, auto dealerships, and hospitals. In these places, you’ll often see this style of stand used as a directory, promotional display, decoration, or presentation tool. Airports use 60” TV stands with mounts to display gates and arrival/departure information, while hospital waiting rooms may use the brackets to show television for patients as they wait. These commercial stands are popular for this multifaceted use!

These entertainment centers tend to be taller than residential models and offer more features that make them appropriate for these public settings. Popular features include adjustable height stands, wheels, and tilting flat screen brackets. Other models are collapsible or come with carrying cases, making them portable for trade shows and conventions!

Using a floor TV stand with an integrated mount at your event or facility takes the guess work out of your display because these models have everything incorporated in them to securely hold your flat panel TV at any height or location you’d like! If you’re using your television to give a PowerPoint presentation or show a video, we have stands that come with shelves to hold your laptop. All models are made from extremely durable materials such as aluminum and steel and come in black and silver colors. Match your television’s VESA size to a compatible model or search by screen size. Whether your TV is 32” or 65”, we have stands to fit it! Browse our selection today!

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