6' Plain Table Covers for Rectangular & Round Tabletops

6’ Table Covers - Polyester Stretch and Draped Throws for Business & Catered Events

What styles do tabletop throws come in?
  • We have four types of 6’ plain table covers starting with our 2-in-1 tradeshow throw that can be used on six foot rectangles and circles. To cover smaller tabletops, fold sides back using the hook-and-loop design for this fabric. Our 6’ plain table covers do not require pins and staples for set-up. The polyester fabric drapes loosely on four sides for a flowy, puddle effect -- and for bigger tables, the sides can be shorter.
  • Box pleat styles in 6’ plain table covers complement rectangular tabletops at formal presentations such as banquets, graduations, and awards ceremonies. Our pleated throws reach the floor on all sides, providing storage underneath for overstock and promotional materials. Intended for use with round or rectangular tabletops, this graceful look is perfect for formal events. Fold the material back with hook-and-loop clips (purchased separately) to fit narrower tables when necessary - no need for staples and pins.
  • Stretch table coverlets in polyester and spandex offer a snug, wrinkle-free fit for a tailored presentation of goods and product demonstrations. Our fitted throws for rectangular tabletops are perfect for a show booth because the fabric stays put. Visitors can traipse in and out, and the presentation still looks taut and professional. Fitted table covers feature an open back that enables staff seating and access to storage without compromising privacy.
  • Round or square tabletop linens for six foot tables measure all the way to the floor, each halfway up, depending on the size of the top. Popular with caterers, these tablecloths blend quality and efficiency for busy restaurants and cafes. Our 6’ plain table covers make any booth or catered event more stylish in seconds.

Our beautiful table covers come in black, white, blue, red, green and ivory. If your business hosts a lot of events, buying in bulk at wholesale prices is a smart idea! Never run out of round or rectangular tabletop covers. Wrinkle-resistant polyester holds up with frequent washing and drying. Our flame retardant tablecloths from Displays2Go are designed for use in small or tight spaces like exhibit booths. An independent testing laboratory will provide a certificate of proof that the fabric will be safe in a booth or expo space. Enhance an exhibit by adding a contrasting organza or satin overlay - or buy two throws instead of one and layer them.

Whether you’re dressing up a demonstration table, a formal or a formal event or launching a speaker series, our thoughtfully designed selection of linens and toppers are easy to maintain. They will ave thousands in rental fees over time. Bring Displays2go covers to job fairs and conventions to brighten any environment on short notice. Transform a show booth or exhibit space with beautiful polyester draping that can fit an array of table sizes, and make the space your own!

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