70 Inch TV Stand with Mount

Looking for a 70 inch TV stand with a mount attached? These commercial-style flat screen consoles are incredibly popular among our B2B customers. They choose the stands to hold their 70 inch TV’s at trade shows, conferences, in conference rooms, corporate lobbies, retail settings and many other locations! These fixtures are different from their residential entertainment center counterparts for a few reasons. First is their heavy-duty construction and design. These 70” TV stands are all made of durable aluminum or steel to withstand years of use in commercial settings. Another reason these stands are a favorite among our business customers is their integrated mounting brackets. These mounts are specially designed to hold 70” flat panel screens in a safe and sturdy manner. Users only need to choose the bracket with the same VESA pattern as their television and from there, mounting is easy. Additionally, style of stand with mount allows users to rotate or tilt their TV with ease, making the fixtures great for a variety of uses and locations. Lastly, these stands offer many more helpful features than standard units.

Find a 70” TV stand with an integrated mount with also any special attachment or feature you could need in this wide selection. Most sought after are our stands with wheels. Users love rolling TV stands for use in office or exhibition environments because they’re so easy to move around! However, if you’re looking for a sturdy stand with a large weighted base for a lobby or sales floor, you’ll find a healthy selection on this page as well. Also available are consoles with shelves, camera trays, and even literature holders! With a selection this diverse, you’re sure to find the right product to fit your unique needs!

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