72 x 36 Bulletin Boards - Large Enclosed Notice Displays

Bulletin Boards with 72" x 36" Area for Messages

Keeping everyone informed is important for communities like schools, churches, and workplaces. Our 72 x 36 bulletin boards have a large area that's ideal for posting notices, no matter the location. The extensive space on each fixture can fit numerous fliers, newspapers, posters, advertisements, and other important messages. What better way to keep people notified than with these 72 x 36 bulletin boards? Each wall hanging tackboard has a fabric covered back that makes posting as simple as opening the door and pushing a pin into the corners of the document you're holding. 72 x 36 bulletin boards are excellent for creating a DIY message display or as a convenient way to keep your patrons informed.

What features make these wall mounted corkboards ideal for posting notices? All of our 72 x 36" bulletin boards feature clear doors with a secure locking mechanism. Store owners and administrators can control who can access, add and remove posts from the display area. This is especially important for large institutions like schools and hospitals where important information needs to be seen by many but should be changed by only a few people. These locking doors come in two styles: long sliding panes and swinging doors that cover three separate areas. The two types of enclosed bulletin boards are great for choosing between one shared area or three distinct sections — each with their own lock. Each display uses lenses made of acrylic, polycarbonate or tempered glass. These are safe materials that are resistant to damage while giving full visibility.

Our catalog of pinboards comes with another choice: cork or fabric backing. Both materials are great at holding papers with pins, but each features a different appearance. For more classic design, try a corkboard with the traditional beige-colored backing. Fabric boards have a modern look and are available in a range of shades including gray, blue and maroon. This is a great way to place school colors behind important notices or to match your tackboard with the surrounding walls. Users can also choose between metal frames with black or silver finishes as well as wood frames with natural finish options. Shop on Displays2go.com for 1000s of commercial fixtures with quick shipping and wholesale pricing.

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