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ATM LED Signs with Bright Lights to Notify Passersby

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Neon Bank Signage with Vibrant LED Bulbs

Are you a “cash-only” business owner looking to point patrons to your automated teller machine? Our LED ATM signs are a bright and eye-catching way to inform customers that they can easily withdraw cash at your establishment. ATMs are everywhere today. From local bars, gas stations, and supermarkets to nail salons and office buildings - these machines are an everyday necessity. Having an automated teller machine on the premise is a great service to customers. The neon lights of these LED ATM signs will not be missed, and will draw people to your place of business. This bank signage is designed to hang in windows to be seen by passersby. We have animated LED ATM signs in rectangular and circular shapes. Four-sided models come in green or both green and blue. These products are extremely lightweight at only 1.5 lbs. and measures 17” wide by 9” tall. They are both equipped with a hanging chain for the window, and have a 105” long AC/DC adapter power cord. The long length is an added perk if you are hanging this neon fixture far from an outlet. The round signage contains three light functions. The first option is a standard full lit display. The second function has each letter illuminated and flashing and the blue border around the word has a chasing light. The final mode has the whole word flashing and the blue border with the same chasing pattern.

Having an automated teller machine in your establishment allows the opportunity to generate extra business you might not have had! If a person passing by needs cash and there’s no bank around but they happens to see your neon bank signage, don’t you think they’d be more likely to purchase something from you? While withdrawing their much needed cash, they may realize that they want some on-the-go snacks or toiletries. Regardless of what they decide to purchase, it’s still extra revenue that you wouldn’t have had without your animated bank signage.

We have high-quality and long-lasting illuminated teller machine signs. Shop online at Displays2go.com to take advantage of quick shipping and low prices!

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