Business Card Sorter for Organization & Display

Use a Business Card Sorter for Organization and Safekeeping

Make business card deployment and safekeeping easier with a multi-pocket business card sorter. These displays can hang on the wall for an eye-level view, or sit on the desktop for easy access. Made from acrylic or wood, these visiting card sorters are fashioned to match any office setting, from traditional to modern design styles. These sorters have a variety of uses: storing and organizing business cards received from clients, displaying an assortment of business cards from employees in a company, and lastly, storing your personal business cards to hand out if you have more than one unique style. You can arrange them alphabetically, by industry or by how recently they were acquired. Displaying business cards like this not only helps keep you organized, but can also be a humble visual display of how large your network is. Shop around and pick the business card sorter that makes the most sense for you!

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