Car Show Boards for Auto Conventions

Car Show Boards for Automotive Shows and Conventions

Customize a car show board to display alongside your automotive masterpiece using a full color, UV printed floor sign stand. Used at auto conventions and display garages, a show car display board is an informational graphic that contains statistics, historical information and pictures of the vehicle for spectators to enjoy. This can include everything from engine specifications and interior/exterior details to engineer or designer information! A foam core sign holder is a versatile, yet affordable way to create a durable car sign board with crisp, sharp images. Ranging from 3 to 5 feet high, the built-to-order boards have plenty of space for automobile pictures, graphics, text and designs. With a double sided graphic, auto show attendees will be able to see it from either the front or the back. Weighing less than 20 lbs, despite their long-lasting steel bases, there's no need to break your back carrying around a heavy car show poster board.

Simply follow the Artwork Guidelines & Instructions to create your design, and it will be built in-house using advanced UV printing technology. Your new customized car show board will complement your vehicle, whether it's a classic or concept model, and upgrade your display at the next car show. What are you waiting for? Put away the driver's license for a moment, take out your artistic license, and design your own board today!

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