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Commercial Beverage Airpots With and Without Drip Trays

Stainless Steel Beverage Airpots - Commercial Coffee Station Accessories

One of the “perks” of our commercial beverage airpots (pun intended!) is that they are made in America. We’re proud of that. But there’s more. This line of coffee dispensers and accessories for catering and retail use offers stainless steel construction, and they’re unbreakable. These commercial beverage airpots and drip trays are typically used together to set up coffee stations in cafes, restaurants, hotels, airports, malls, high school or college cafeterias, gas stations and business settings. The liner is super-durable and lasts the lifetime of the dispenser. Vacuum insulation keeps liquids hot for up to 4, 6, and 8 hours depending on the size of the karafe. Our commercial beverage airpots remain warm to the touch when the contents are piping hot, to safeguard the hands of your guests and catering personnel. Want to reduce the need to make new batches of brew all the time? These commercial beverage airpots are designed to hold a large amount of liquid - and keep it hot. This feature is perfect for large-scale gatherings like banquets and conferences or retail venues that offer free coffee refills.

Our commercial beverage airpots are sold alone, or with compatible drip trays that keep the serving area clean. Organized drink dispensing areas mean guests flow easily through the coffee line because everything has a compartment. Buy drip tray models designed for multiple beverage airpots to dispense regular and decaf, flavored brews, specialty tea blends, and hot chocolate at the same time. Caterers, event planners, and food service establishment managers love our stainless karafes because they are simple and effective, not to mention they look great! We think the accompanying drip trays are a must-have to keep spills from coagulating and getting all sticky. Your guests will thank you when they don’t have to run to the bathroom to wash their sleeves!

Our dispensers come in many styles, from tall and thermos-shaped with a fold-down handle that makes it easy to transport from kitchen to service counter, to a a more portly karafe-style with a push-button lid that permits beverage flow. These catering accessories for hot drinks are designed to take up a small footprint, which is great when counter space is limited. Our thermal airpots and trays go far to de-clutter eating areas and free up space for scones to go with that cup of Joe! Buy our American-made airpots with super temperature retention and don't forget the drip catchers!

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