Custom Outdoor Advertising Flags with Stake, Cross, and Telescopic Base Styles

Custom Advertising Banners — Outdoor Flag Stands with Stake, Cross, and Fillable Bases

How do you attract attention to large-scale events for your business or organization? Start with our custom outdoor advertising flags, available at this website in a wide array of styles. Our banner stands come with a spear that pokes into the ground; a cross base with water bags to hold it down; or a fillable hard plastic base. These customized signs are perfect for outdoor use. They stay upright in windy weather and when there are a lot of people milling about. Choose a single-sided advertising display, or double sided when you want to catch customer attention from both sides of the street.

Our custom outdoor advertising flags are constructed of durable, low-maintenance polyester. These stands come in blade, teardrop and block designs. The posts are aluminum or fiberglass and sometimes a combination of both. These customized signage fixtures range from 11' to 17' high. These event displays come in bold colors with vibrant graphics that are visible from a great distance. Boost traffic to your business with these larger-than-life printed banners!

What features should I be looking for when selecting these banner stands?
  • These custom outdoor advertising flags come in swooper, block-style, feather, blade, and teardrop flag styles -- lots of choices. Just pick the one that suits your messaging and space best.
  • Next, you’ll choose the display platform. Customized banner stands with fillable bases stay upright during inclement weather. Our portable telescoping flag systems are collapsible and will fit in the accompanying carry bags when an event is over. They are typically seen at high-traffic events like conventions or trade shows, as well as festivals and concerts. We have ground spike styles for outdoor events in grassy areas. Auto showroom managers like the car foot base that can be used to support the signage inside. Other businesses prefer plain bases in hard plastic. Some of our stands have telescoping bases that are collapsible for easy portability.
  • Advertising displays and feather signs come with digital printing in numerous options. Choose from full bleed, silkscreen, and digital printing in one, two, three, and full-color options to dramatize the messages around your brand or event.

What good are dynamic signs if they aren’t portable? We provide carry bags to protect your teardrop flags and assist you in transporting your new marketing tools between events. Displays2go offers custom printing and a staff that is eager to walk you through the selection process. Shop in bulk for wholesale pricing and save!

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