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Custom Printed Church Table Linens for Use in Your Congregation

Custom Printed Church Tablecloths for Community Events & Functions

Are you on the hunt for the perfect tabletop throw for your next parish function? Our custom printed church table linens come in a variety of styles and sizes to complement any ministry or parish hall. Congregations often host events for the local community and need durable tablecloths for these occasions. The custom printed church table linens on our site can be personalized with graphics and text with information exclusive to your place of worship. The tabletop throws can also be customized for upcoming events or functions within the parish if desired. Browse through our large catalog of tabletop throws today to find one that best suits your congregation!

What types of custom printed church table linens are available on our site? Our tabletop throws come in convertible, fitted, standard, and three-sided designs. The covers are made to fit traditional folding tables of various sizes. Parishioners can choose from finishes of white, black, red, ivory, burgundy, green, and shades of blue. We offer a wide range of services for customized printing including 1-color text, 2-color text, 3-color text and full color graphics. Customers have the freedom to conveniently upload their own artwork through our site. With this ability, they know exactly what’s going to be printed on their tablecloth. Artwork guidelines and instructions for uploading are accessible to make the process easier for the customer. Runners can also be custom printed with 1-3 color imprinting options or full-color graphics and come in a variety of shades to ensure that consumers can seamlessly match the cover that’s underneath. The same artwork upload process applies to these throws, and the guidelines are readily accessible as well.

Being able to custom print tabletop covers and runners come in handy for reoccurring events like hosting soup kitchens, fundraisers and raffles, and during the holidays for things like toy drives or silent auctions. Our throws are durable and will last through the wear-and-tear of constant use. Religious organizations would also benefit from bulk ordering. Since most of the time these covers will be used to fill large venues or halls, it would make the most sense for parishioners to buy in bulk to save money!

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