Digitally Printed Flags for Promotions & Advertising in Commerical Spaces

Digitally Printed Signage for Businesses and Commercial Settings

Looking for an effective way to promote your company’s products or services? Our digitally printed flags can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. Each banner has an eye-catching design that is appealing to passersby and potential customers. These digitally printed flags come in three different styles: teardrop, feather, and block shaped. Our custom display fixtures are available in heights of 11’,13’, and 17’ to suit any user’s environment. This personalized signage is great for alerting customers of current sales or informing people about services offered. Our customizable signage can even be found at trade shows or large conventions. Place a flag outside your roadside farm stand to let people know you’re selling fresh produce. Position a personalized banner near the entrance of a busy shopping plaza to alert customers that there’s a nail salon on the premises. The various placement options allow users to situate this digital signage inside and outside too. Ground spikes are meant specifically for outdoor use, while cross shaped platforms and fillable water bases can be used in either environment. The flags’ printing process is special because there’s no minimum order requirement for the customer. Whether you need 1 or 20 banners, we can print it! This gives business owners the versatility to mix and match flag styles and customization options.

How does the printing process work?
  • While selecting the quantities of printed flags from our website, customers can upload artwork to the site for approval. Our product-specific artwork guidelines are here to make the upload procedure easier. Once approved, we begin the process of printing your signage. /li>
  • Regardless if it’s a photograph or a piece with fine details our printer will produce high-quality signage. After it’s printed, the banner is washed through a series of cold and hot baths and dried out.
  • The piece is then cut, trimmed, and hemmed into the desired silhouette — whether that’s feather, teardrop, or block shaped.
  • Finally, a reinforcing strip is applied to the top and one side of the signage, and grommets are installed before it’s ready for shipment.

The ink penetration during digital printing only makes one side a prominent graphic. The other side will noticeably be lighter. Double-sided flags are available if you want to have both sides bold and noticeable. Displays2go has a variety of personalized banner options for your business or trade show. Shop online today to take advantage of low prices and quick shipping!

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