Display Cubes

Acrylic Display Cubes & Risers

Our diverse line of display cubes is here to help you showcase, protect, and promote all your retail merchandise, collectibles, sports memorabilia, and more! Made of black or clear acrylic, these durable items are designed to stand up to years of frequent use. Whether you are a store manager looking to create a unique merchandising display or a baseball fanatic that wants to show off a signed ball, this huge line of display cubes will fit the bill! We offer acrylic model cases specifically designed to fit footballs, baseballs, basketballs, diecast cars, trophies, and even action figures! These display cubes cover and protect these valuable keepsakes while offering collectors a chance to show them off in their homes or offices. Why keep your favorite mementos hidden away?

Acrylic display cubes can also be very effective in retail settings. These risers and cases provide interesting heights to otherwise flat and boring product displays. Many of our retail display cubes come in sets of multiple sizes risers to make creating the perfect setup even easier! Use the set of 4 or 5 varying height acrylic squares to prop up items like jewelry, watches, cell phones, or any other small item. These small, inexpensive display cubes provide a sleek modern appearance without the price tag of other more extravagant fixtures.

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