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Female Mannequins Model Trendy Clothing Lines in Retail Stores

Female Mannequins Showcase Upscale Fashions for Boutiques and Retail Stores

Having trouble featuring the latest trends in the fashion industry? Female mannequins elevate your retail locations presence and marketing potential by getting folded clothes off of your shelves. Using a human display presents clothing how it will be worn in action, not how it looks in your customer's dresser! Entice your patrons with a dose of realism that will invoke an emotional, "need to have it" response. When a customer realized how great they will look in that outfit once they bring it home their chances of buying increase. With female mannequins, retail stores diversify the shopping experience by adding a human look to the overall interior design that stands apart from traditional signage.

Our female mannequins are a powerful marketing tool for any retail clothing location. Take note of how big name locations use mannequins in their storefronts and emulate those themes at your own location to create an effective display. This is especially useful for mall stores, where a well managed front end presentation can draw customers through the door even if there aren't any major promotions. A well placed scene that deploys many of these fixtures can tell a memorable, brand enhancing story for your business as well. Use these mannequins in a way that urges any passerby to stop and see what you have to offer!

What styles will help showcase your brand?
  • For upscale fashion lines, abstract female mannequins offer an aesthetic that artistically highlights the apparel without distracting shoppers with added features. These designs are sleek and modern, amplifying any look with their soft matte or gloss finishes. Our store clothing fixtures come in a variety of colors to match the theme of any retail promotion including black, white, and metallic. Abstract mannequins are often amorphous with a loose human form that appeals to the consumer while placing more focus on the apparel it models. Use these displays to showcase your high-end fashion trends and support your brand's message.
  • Retail stores use athletic women's clothing models to highlight the real-life functionality of their active-ware. Displaying sports-ware on fixtures that can bend and move like a human adds a level of security to your customers shopping experience. Knowing that the form-fitting stretch pants on sale will make it through their first, or fortieth, yoga session can be the decision maker when compared to a folded option on the shelf. Our athletic figures come in a variety of poses, perfect to promote apparel for running, yoga, dancing, or any other activity that requires a full range of motion. Let these displays speak for your brand, and show customers that your sports-ware can keep up with their active lifestyle.
  • Use realistic body forms for anywhere you want to stand out with your merchandising. With eye-catching designs that have natural facial features, skin tones, and hair styles these fixtures will make your patrons take a second look when they walk by your showcase. With the attention to detail and realism you'll find in these body forms, it will be difficult for your customers to miss the styles and deals retail stores can advertise with these models. Use a realistic figure anywhere you want add some extra pizazz to a promotion.

These displays are made from quality materials and components that make their designs durable and built to last for years in any environment. Most of our models have easily removable parts that make dressing for new promotions a simple, time-saving task. Mannequins are supported by a brushed metal or tempered glass base that connected by a heel or calf rod. Most figures pivot on their base and have parts that are designed to adjust to different poses. Use these merchandising tools to raise the face value of your business and enhance your brand by grouping several together for a large-scale marketing presentation!

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