Fire Retardant Tablecloths — Flame Safe Linens for Commericial Settings

Flame Retardant Linens for Trade Shows and Events

Are you looking for a safe solution to outfit tabletops at a convention or catering event? Our fire retardant tablecloths are treated with special chemicals to be slow burning or self-extinguishing when exposed to an open flame. These linens can be constructed from any fabric, as long as the special chemical composition is present in the fibers of the material. Because of this, we are able to have a large variety of fire retardant tablecloths for trade shows, special events, and for the hospitality industry. Many venues, large commercial buildings, and public facilities require some type of safety accreditation from the local fire inspector. Each of our flame retardant tablecloths come with a certification. Consumers can feel confident that their linen will adhere to regulations, and that they've made a safe choice.

What types and styles of flame-safe linens are available?
  • Fire retardant table cloths come in convertible, fitted, standard, and three-sided designs. These linens are made to fit a variety of rectangular, round, and square shaped tabletops.
  • The various colors include black, white, red, ivory, and shades of blue. Checkerboard red and white or black and white patterns are also available.
  • Custom graphics and text is possible on a large portion of our flame-safe linens. We offer a range of services starting with 1-color text on up to full color digital graphics. Customers have the freedom to conveniently upload their own artwork through our site. This way, they know exactly what’s going to be printed on their throw. Artwork guidelines and upload instructions are accessible to make the process easier for the customer.
  • Runners with a choice of gold or silver custom printing come in a variety of colors to ensure that customers can perfectly match the cover that’s underneath. The same artwork upload process applies to these linens, and the guidelines are readily accessible.

Whether you’re outfitting a wedding reception or promoting yourself at a trade show, using our flame-safe linens are a great solution. The variety of colors and styles make it possible to match any event setting. Choose a fitted style cloth to dress buffet tables or a standard design for a banquet. The options are endless, and at Displays2go we know that our throws will hold up to fire safety standards. Shop online today and see for yourself!

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