Tablecloths with Heat Transfer Printing for Trade Shows, Schools, & Official Events

Project Professionalism at the Next Event with a Heat Transfer Logo Table Cover!

Trade shows and other public events offer excellent opportunities for businesses to interact with each other and advertise their services. Displaying a heat transfer logo table cover can be a game-changer! Most exhibitors set up shop inside booths to greet attendees and offer information. Having your logo out in front gives people the instant recognition they need. Never assume they know who you are. An affordable heat transfer logo table cover opens the door to marketability and customer interaction. The ordering process is quick and easy. Simply send us your artwork and we'll adhere your logo permanently to the table cover of your choice. Your design can also incorporate up to three separate colors. The graphics, however, have to be in vector format. The design needs to be constructed of clean and simple lines — no photographs, gradations, or fine details.

But what exactly is a heat transfer logo? The graphic is converted into special computer-cut sign vinyl in reverse. After weeding out the excess material, the logo is placed adhesive side down onto the table cover. A specialized press then transfers the artwork to the fabric surface using heat and pressure, resulting in a permanent bond. The table cover can even be machine washed without any ill effect to the graphics.

Need to get a printed cover fast? Standard lead times for custom logos run approximately 4 days. If you need one faster, you can choose our special "ships in 24 hours" service. However, this does not include logos or other artwork. We fulfill the 24 Hour offer by applying a simple text-only graphic generated by us. There's no artwork to approve and no time wasted. Both text-only and custom logo options are available on all cover styles. Select a traditional model that drapes over all four sides down to the floor, or choose one with the rear side open to allow for seating. Convertible models cover standard tables while providing a fitted conversion for smaller sizes. Whichever style you choose, rest assured our prices offer excellent affordability with great value. After all, these trade show covers can be used again and again!

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