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Locking Bulletin Boards Protect Important Messages

Bulletin Board Enclosures with Lock & Key for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Are you looking for a way to securely place local news, event listings, classifieds, and more in public places without the risk of tampering, theft, or a passerby mistakenly taking the last copy of a notice? A locking bulletin board is a vital asset when a company or organization plans to display important information in high-traffic areas. We offer aluminum notice enclosures for indoor and outdoor use, maximizing the visibility and accessibility of public information. Each of these locking bulletin boards has a plexiglass or glass covering that will prevent notices and posters from inclement weather. The pinboard cylinder lock engages easily with an included set of keys. Some wall mounted boards include a header to inform viewers about the topic of the outdoor message board. Wooden lockable corkboards make great indoor informational boards. Some examples of finishes include cherry, maple and oak. The high quality wooden locking bulletin boards offer a more professional look which can look great in any office building or practice.

Locking Bulletin Board Where can locking bulletin boards be used?
  • Schools and other educational venues for securely showing information, upcoming events, class schedules and awards. Many universities will take advantage of this space to showcase club information, travel abroad sign-up dates, and more while ensuring that no student takes the last available flyer.
  • Small and large companies for displaying benefits, news and important information. Use this space to display employee awards, company happenings, and achievements that deserve to be highlighted front-and-center.
  • Museums and historical buildings to display maps, directories and historical artifacts. Many galleries will have wall-mounted notice boards in place to share information about guest speakers, upcoming exhibits, or artist biographics.

Libraries, schools, businesses and churches are known for having outdoor & indoor bulletin boards that lock because they frequently need to inform their employees, students and public viewers of important information or future events. Lockable bulletin boards serve as universal message boards for any public organization. Also available are one, two and three sectional locking designs that help separate items, events or information. Many times, these models are used to allow separate groups to add items to different sections while keeping everything organized and easy for the public to understand.

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