Merchandise Counters with Locks Protect Valuable Stock While Maintaining Visibility

Protect and Present Products in Sleek, Lockable, Countertop Displays

Many retailers place a multitude of high-value or at-risk items in the front of their store that require an employee to be present at all times. By using locking display counters merchandisers can diversify their presentations and feel secure knowing that unattended stock is protected. Utilize merchandise counters throughout any retail store to present an array of product lines. Employees will be provided more opportunities to converse with patrons who show interest in the products displayed, allowing them to build better customer relationships and suggest common items that are purchased together. Use locking display counters to stimulate rapport between attendants and the patrons they service, but do not require constant oversight. Retailers can utilize these fixtures to maximize the effectiveness of their workforce, allowing employees to focus more on the customer experience than preventing theft.

We offer a number of locking display counter options ranging from front facing cash wraps with storage shelves on the retailers side, museum quality pedestals, register stands, and traditional glass counters. Great merchandisers will have a healthy mix of these fixtures throughout the sales floor to showcase varying product lines. Many of our counter-height displays are designed to shopfit stores in conjunction with one another, so be sure to check the dimensions and create custom layouts for your store. Our selection of showcases come in a variety of colors, including black, silver, white, and even solid wood options to be sure that whatever you order matches your existing decor.

These display cases are designed to meet the needs of any retail environment. Depending on the model, frames are built from aluminum, medium density fiberboard (a stronger alternative to solid wood), or a combination of both. Shatter-resistant tempered glass is used as well, which will break into small rounded pieces to maximize safety and reduce the risk of injury if an accident were to occur. All fixtures come with a lock and key mechanism that guarantees products remain safe when unattended. Merchandise that is displayed in cabinets is more presentable than on-the-rack products and allow for more cohesive promotional arrangements. Utilize these fixtures point-of-sale potential by placing high-value or impulse items in counters near the cash register to increase sales.

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