Locking Wall-Mounted Display Cases are Secure Merchandise & Save Space

Locking Cabinet Mounts Feature Merchandise on the Wall and Provide More Floor Space

Are you a merchandiser looking for unique ways to showcase wares throughout your store, but have limited space or staff? These locking wall-mounted display cases present stock in locations that are traditionally underutilized while offering more floor space for foot traffic and additional items. Each cabinet is equipped with a lock and key to ensure that unattended merchandise remains safe, yet highly visible to your customers. Take advantage of a diverse line of fixtures throughout your retail store to maintain and focus attention on specific promotions. Showcase and secure high-value merchandise anywhere in your store without theft risk, or place a locking wall-mounted display case behind the register to prompt last-minute impulse purchases.

By safeguarding products in these fixtures, retailers can maximize the effectiveness of their workforce. Employees will enjoy spending more time to build rapport with customers, cross-sell, or tend to the store than having to worry about guarding high-risk or vulnerable stock. Since products will be displayed in a locking wall-mounted display case, customers will have to ask attendants for help if they would like to purchase, view, or handle an item. This provides a wonderful opportunity for employees to build a positive relationship with your store's patrons thus improving the experience of your clientele.

We offer a variety of size and style options of wall-mounted display cases including silver, black, and white finishes. Our frames are designed for high-traffic retail stores and are built from either aluminium or medium density fiberboard (MDF). We use shatter-resistant tempered glass in all of our fixtures, which in the case of an accident, breaks into rounded pieces as a safety measure. Wall-mounted display cases are built to maintain their high-end appeal through years of use in the busiest retail environments.

While shopping, pay attention specific product features, such as:

  • Mirrored backing
  • Hinged or sliding doors
  • Adjustable shelving
  • LED or halogen lighting
  • Aluminium or MDF frame
  • Ships assembled or knocked down

Many retailers do not utilize their wall space to suit their store, and instead place artwork, hang mirrors, drape banners, or even leave this area bare. Display cases like these give merchandisers the ability to exploit this neutral space by turning what was once empty territory into an eye-catching promotional showcase. Use display cases to highlight high-value or at-risk products, trophies, awards, antiques, collectibles, or impulse items in your store while keeping them dust free and secure.

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