Traditional Christmas Floor Decals for Seasonal Advertising in Retail Stores

Floor Emblems with Traditional Christmas Artwork

Want to bring in customers with "winter sale" graphics? These traditional Christmas floor decals are great for pointing attention to seasonal offers. Holiday stickers can be placed either indoors or outdoors to attract customers to retail stores. Traditional Christmas floor decals are ideal for creating a festive atmosphere while promoting discounted prices. Each sticker features whitewash wood with holly berries and a red ornament tied with ribbon. Our traditional Christmas floor decals feature stylized text reading "winter sale" that encourages shoppers to buy from Black Friday onwards.

Why use flooring advertisements to promote seasonal retail events? Each sticker is made of durable vinyl with an adhesive backer. The Christmas floor decals can cling to a variety of surfaces including wood, tile, and low pile carpet — without leaving residue. The vinyl holiday flooring advertisements are reusable throughout multiple seasons. The Christmas floor decals also feature a non-slip texture that reduces the likelihood of falls. Offered in 24" x 24" and 48" x 48" models, these festive seasonal flooring advertisements won't be missed by passersby.

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