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Red Rope Stanchion Sets - Metal Posts with Velvet or Nylon Cords

Stanchion Kits with Red Ropes

Looking for a great way to create a queue line or a separate dining area? These red rope stanchion sets feature a high class appearance that looks great in any restaurant, hotel, or bank. Divert foot traffic, block entrances, and keep customers in line for service while adding style to your interior. The classic red rope stanchion sets feature upscale barriers made of either velvet or nylon with a bold shade. Choose from crowd control posts in a number of finishes to fit any establishment. Browse our red rope stanchion sets to find a solution that's perfect for your business.

Where can these crowd control posts best be used?
  • Red rope stanchion sets are excellent for restaurants and cafés because they form orderly service lines while adding to the décor. Whether it's a fancy bistro or a family grille, these poles and barriers will form a queue that clearly says "line up here" to customers. Alternatively, use the posts to form separate areas for service and dining.
  • Hotels are another great place for upscale red rope stanchions. Form the line to the front desk with brass poles and velvet barriers for a classic look.
  • Red rope stanchions also fit museums where they can keep attendees a safe distance from exhibits. Whether you're showing artwork or ancient artifacts, it's important to keep valuables safe yet visible.
  • Use rope stanchions in bank lobbies for an unmatched professional look. Build trust with customers by featuring a high quality interior that represents your business.
  • Create a line with these poles outside a bar or nightclub to create an air of class and exclusivity.

While they feature a classy appearance, the posts have a rugged construction for extended public use. The rope stanchions are made of strong metal to withstand busy environments. At the top of each beam is an adapter for connecting up to four cords. Each unit includes a sturdy weighted base to remain upright even if they're jostled. In addition, the bottom is rubberized so they won't scuff floors when moved.

Looking for crowd control poles with a certain style? Browse our catalog for a variety of finishes, including classic brass, bold black, and sleek silver. The metal stands also come with a choice of different top styles including flat, round, and tulip. Choose between a classic velvet line or a twisted nylon cord to bring your crowd control system together. Can't find the style you want? Browse the rest of our post and line kits for more options in directing foot traffic.

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