Silver Essential Retail Showcases Allow for Versatile Product Displays

Our Essentials Line of Display Fixtures Protect High-Value Merchandise with Style

These silver Essentials retail showcases appeal to customers by placing top-quality products in highly-visible exhibits. Use our fixtures to promote expensive or fragile merchandise in a secure environment. Products displayed in a silver essential retail showcase increase sales by encouraging customers to talk to you about your offers rather than browse. By stimulating conversation and building a relationship with patrons, merchants in stores improve conversion rates of items throughout the sales floor. Optimize our showcase's space by placing best-selling merchandise on the counter top to draw customer attention to the high-value stock below.

Our silver essential retail showcase is durably built from extruded aluminium and shatter-resistant glass panels. As a safety measure, the tempered glass is designed to fracture in small pieces for quick clean-up if an accident occurs. These silver retail showcases feature a push-in lock and key mechanism to ensure products within the display are protected at all times. When a customer asks to see an item in the case, use that as an opportunity to build a relationship and sell related stock as well. Most display cases have adjustable shelves to allow storage for a diverse product line.

How will a retail showcase promote your products?

  • This case's tempered glass panels include adjustable shelves that clip into place. Use this versatility to present merchandise of varying sizes with many display options.
  • Showcases have a push-in lock and key protect stock from theft when unattended, and sliding doors that are easy to access when helping a customer.
  • Product cases are equipped with four adjustable 20-watt LED or Halogen lights to brighten promotional displays and grab customer attention. Track lighting is managed with a simple on and off switch behind the sliding glass doors.
  • The Essentials line comes in varying sizes; choose from options of 20", 40", 42", 48", 60", and 72" width to meet the needs of any location. Some models include bottom loading storage to hold extra stock, sales material, or supplies.

These retail showcases are perfect for promoting any item from jewelry to electronics and everything between. Customers are drawn to these fixtures and place a higher value to the items inside. Use these cases to take advantage of upselling opportunities and increase conversion rates by explaining the items features. Showcases like this help retail store owners take control of their customer's buying experience by stimulating conversation and driving sales. By positioning display cases together, merchandisers can build a cohesive cash wrap with a high level of interest.

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