Slatwall Accessories - Ideal for Presenting Retail Merchandise

Slatwall shelf with powder coated steel
Metal Shelf for Slatwalls, Available in Two Sizes - Black
More Size Options Available! $34.99 New!

Slatwall panel for QPSWMLGBK2 with width of 24 or 50 inches
Slatwall panel for QPSWMLGBK2
More Overall Width Options Available! $349.99 New!

slatwallsign holder
Workshop Series 8.5 x 11 Acrylic Sign Holder for Slatwall, Side Loading - Clear
More Media Size Options Available! $9.99 #5 Best Seller!

Slatwall shelf with multiple color options
8” x 14” Slatwall Shelves with Brackets, Set of 4 - White
More Overall Width & Color Options Available! $114.99

Slim Acrylic Slatwall Shelf
Workshop Series 16 x 10 inch Slatwall Shelf - Clear Acrylic
More Overall Width Options Available! $26.99

slatwall shelf
Workshop Series 22 x 10 Slatwall Shelf - Clear Acrylic
More Overall Width Options Available! $45.49

slat wall shelf
12 x 48-Inch Slatwall Shelf - Black
More Options Available! $43.99

Acrylic Slat Wall Accessory
5-Pocket Acrylic Literature Holder for Slatwall, 4"/8.5"w - Clear
More Number of Pockets Options Available! $46.99

Slatwall Acrylic with Adjustable Pockets
4-Pocket Acrylic Literature Holder for Slatwall, 4"/8.5"w - Clear
More Number of Pockets Options Available! $49.49

Wall Fixtures to Showcase Retail Merchandise

Are you a retail store owner looking to add to your merchandising display? We have slatwall accessories to fit any showcasing need. Whether you’re presenting jewelry in a boutique, clothes in a department store, or shoes in an outlet mall - we have the wall fixtures you’re looking for! Slatwall accessories make presenting products of all shapes and sizes easy. They allow users to be inventive when creating displays. These wall fixtures help open up floor space for customers to easily peruse through aisles, while staging merchandise at an appealing eye-level. Create shelves, hooks, holders, and more with our large catalog of accessories. Regardless of the setting, we are confident you’ll find what you’re looking for in our diverse selection of showcasing equipment.

What types of wall fixtures are offered?
  • Acrylic signage holders: These include literature pockets, poster holders, brochure pockets, postcards boxes, business card dispensers, and sign frames. All these have models to fit various sizes of documents. Picture hooks are available as well, and these are great for DIY home décor projects, or to hang signage in commercial spaces.
  • Shelves with brackets: These come in various dimensions, and in shades of cherry, black, white, and clear acrylic. Retailers often display smaller merchandise like bags or beauty products on these fixtures.
  • Locking Hooks: Secure high-end products and have peace of mind in your retail store. This set of 25 locking hooks comes in a bright white finish and contains one magnetic key for unlocking hooks for customers.
  • Bins and baskets:Wire and acrylic containers for slatwall and gridwall are available with angled fronts or a rectangular shape. These are perfect for holding small packaged products like food or toiletries.
  • Hooks and Clothing Fixtures: Waterfall, knife edge, faceout, and peg hooks are available in various lengths and finishes. Often found in clothing stores, these fixtures hold shirts, pants, bags, and smaller beauty products that are sold on hooks. Hangrails, wire hat displays, and shoe platforms are also offered on our site.

Our wall fixtures are durable and made to last! We have a large assortment of hanging equipment to accommodate any product. Shop online at to take advantage of quick shipping and low prices!

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