Suit Mannequins for Presenting Formal Apparel

Suit Mannequins for Men’s Formal Clothing & Apparel

To really envision yourself in the big job interview or at an upcoming wedding, you need to see a tuxedo or formal wear presented in a realistic way. With suit mannequins, men can picture themselves in this set of clothing. Oftentimes, racks and hangers take that right away from customers. Looking at a garment folded or flat conceals its detailing and design. Patrons can truly get a grasp of the look, feel, and quality of the clothing when it’s displayed on a store dress form. Men’s formal wear stores often carry expensive items that deserve to be properly showcased with suit mannequins. These retail displays go far beyond any clothing racks or shelves. When choosing an ensemble for an important business presentation, meeting, or wedding customers are looking for guidance on what looks good and what's in style.

What's the best retail figure for men’s tuxedos and formal apparel? Finding the perfect style depends on your business and retail needs. Our suit mannequins project a classy, professional, and elegant feel found in men’s formal wear stores. The most common types are retail figurines and dress forms. Our selection of male figures is extensive, and we also have child figurines as well. We have models in abstract or realistic styles, as well as full or half body — all in a variety of colors and finishes. Full-body figurines give a more realistic shape and feel to your retail display, making it easier for customers to visualize the outfit. Dress forms have a simple and straightforward design that let the clothing speak for itself. Some of these models can be pinned and used for businesses that offer tailoring services.

Tuxedo figurines are not only decorative store fixtures but also powerful selling tools. Business owners who excel at visual merchandising will turn perusing customers into purchasing consumers. If you create a trendy outfit for your male figurine, people will be more apt to buy that exact ensemble- or at least try to replicate it on their own. For maximum exposure, your models should be placed in a window display or close to your shop’s entrance. A well fashioned exhibit is one of the greatest drivers of sales for high end retail stores. We're confident you'll find a retail figurine that best suits your environment. At Displays2go, we want to provide you with quick shipping and the lowest prices possible, so shop our catalog of dress forms today!

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