T-Shirt Racks

Use T-Shirt Racks As Storefront Clothes Hanging Fixtures

Looking to merchandise an inventory of t-shirts and accessories in your storefront, kiosk or trade show booth? Use a combination of T-shirt racks to build an effective system for displaying apparel to browsing shoppers. T-shirts are among the widest sold piece of clothing apparel due to their unisex design and large space for graphics, messages and designs. Worn by all ages year round, either as layers or by themselves, there is no shortage of demand for this classic article of clothing. Boutiques, department stores, sporting goods stores, souvenir shops and thrift stores are just a few examples of establishments that require specialized apparel display fixtures to sell large volumes of T-shirts to a crowd. Additionally, trade show managers, corporate event coordinators and job fair booth operators use T-shirt racks to hold promotional apparel for sign-ups and giveaways. Jersey tees, V-necks and crew necks all make great giveaways that will expose many eyes to a brand or a logo. Racks for both shoppers to peruse garments and vendors to use as storage can all be found here.

What are some of the items here and how can they be used to build the perfect T-shirt rack display system? Begin first with chrome-finished, steel clothing racks. These adjustable devices are tip-resistant and have a striking chrome finish to accentuate high quality clothes, while providing ample room to hold every size available of a style. A simple push-button allows the user to raise or lower the bars for a customized presentation. Couple these stationary fixtures with a collapsible t-shirt rack with rolling casters. This is the perfect rack for both retail stores and for the convention center. Retail stores use these to hang unwanted clothes in the dressing room, and effortlessly roll back to the shelves. Trade show attendants and exposition managers hang T-shirts on these mobile racks and wheel them to the lobby for giveaways at the entrance. A shirt rack with waterfall hook arms can display a product line in a descending fashion for a striking merchandising effect!

In addition to these T-shirt racks, here are some products that make a great supplement to any apparel display system:

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