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The Workshop Series by Displays2go

Looking for an edge in supplying your business? Striking the perfect balance between quality and affordability, The Workshop by Displays2go features commercial fixtures exclusively made in-house. From brochure holders to wall signs to lecterns to charging stations, we carry 100s of different items for a range of industries. Displays2go's Workshop series includes displays and accessories for retail stores, trade shows, offices and more. Need to advertise your latest wares and offers? Browse our selection of prominent sign holders that focus on your graphics with clear acrylic construction. Getting the word out about your company with brochures, magazines, and business cards? Our literature racks are also made from transparent materials to maximize visibility. Looking for something else? Browse our large catalog of Workshop for more high quality wares.

What other in-house products are available?
  • Our Workshop podiums are excellent for holding professional presentations and meetings. These sleek lecterns are made of acrylic for a modern design that matches any setting. We offer other presentation supplies such as presentation boards and raffle drums for creating effective meetings.
  • Store fixtures and displays are ideal for outfitting retail outlets with countertop and slatwall mounted merchandisers. Browse our risers, shelves, cake pop holders, jewelry showcases, and literature holders, all made with durable materials to withstand busy shop environments. Our office fixtures include donation boxes for hosting charity events or taking suggestions. We also offer appealing artwork with a number of designs that add style to any workplace. This office art is available as single panels or as triptychs.
  • Workshop charging stations are excellent for accommodating customers and employees that need to power their devices. Each unit features an open design for easily storing phones and tablets. iPad mounts that make great checkout stands and self-serve kiosks are also available here.

Many Workshop fixtures, especially our signs, podiums and charging stations come with the option for custom printing. This is an excellent chance to get your logo printed in high resolution using our flatbed UV printer. Look for the "customize it" or "customizable with your logo" for applicable display. Simply submit your artwork using our downloadable templates featured on each product page to make the item your own.

Every item that comes out of The Workshop is made completely in-house. The design, engineering, manufacturing, and packaging are all done under one roof. Handcrafted by real people, these products are built with quality materials using our own signature techniques that we’ve been perfecting for more than 40 years. It's our mission to develop and provide the best designs in order to help businesses thrive.

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