Tip Boxes

Tip Box - A Secure Container for Gratuities!

You’ve heard of a tip cup or jar before - but have you ever experienced the feat of modern engineering that is a tip box? This little container is so much more than a secure and attractive place to keep your cash donations and gratuities. This tip box is peace of mind. It is knowing that your hard earned commissions are safe from sticky fingers throughout the day. It’s a representation of your professional self! In fact, a tip box is a dignified way of saying to customers, “Any additional compensation would be greatly appreciated because I work hard to provide you with the very best service!” Why simply scrawl a message onto a measly jar, when you can properly represent yourself with a metal, solid wood, or clear acrylic tip box?

The majority of these products feature locking doors with keys. Some models even come with special headers or frames for holding signs. Try printing out a message explaining your gratuity policy from any computer and sliding it into one of the tip boxes’ sign holders. This unmatched level of professionalism is sure to catch the attention of all your patrons. Remember - any old person can use a tip jar, but by choosing a tip BOX you are taking your compensation into your own hands! You are telling the world that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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