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Art Grid Exhibit Panels Offer Temporary Display Solutions

Hanging artwork or photography on walls is a fairly easy endeavor, but how is it done in locations where walls are not available? These art grid exhibit panels are designed for temporary setups both indoors and out. Offered are single panels with an assortment of display feet for designing your own system, as well as a number of pre-bundled configurations for added convenience and one-click shopping. The art grid exhibit panels feature all-metal construction in a lightweight design with a sleek silver finish. The regular grid pattern provides ample hanging space over the entire display area, maximizing your presentation options. Our gridwall hanging hooks and accessories (sold separately) are compatible with these exhibit panels, and offer multiple display options for the artist or exhibitor. Apply these freestanding displays in your trade show booth, or in schools or galleries for temporary exhibiting. Outdoor applications, including art festivals and street fairs, are yet another method for marketing your artwork to the public. Create wall surrounds that envelope the viewer, giving them the whole picture at a glance with 2, 3, 4, or 9-panel configurations. Conversely, opt for central floor stands that entice shoppers to walk around and explore what you have to offer. Triangle and cube models are available, along with spindle styles that connect the panels at a central axis point. For those who constantly setup and take down portable fixtures for hanging art, you will appreciate the lightweight construction and ease of use typical of this well-designed system!

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