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Beanie Baby Display Cases

memorabilia display cases
13x13 Acrylic Display Case w/Removable Riser, Lift-Off Top & Black Base
More Common Size (w x h x d) Options Available! $145.99

LED acrylic display cylinder with 16 different color choices for base
16" Round Countertop Display Case w/ 16-Color LED Base, Acrylic Lift-Off Top - Clear
More Size & Shape Options Available! $169.99 $154.99 Save 9%

Memorabilia Display Cases
Model Display Case w/ MDF Cherry Base & Lift-Off Acrylic Top - Clear
More Common Size (w x h x d) Options Available! $160.99

Acrylic display case with 16.5 inch width
Acrylic Countertop Display Case w/ 3 Shelves & Locking Door
More Number of Shelves Options Available! $168.99

Acrylic Display Case
Acrylic Countertop Display Case w/ 2 Shelves & Hinged, Locking Door
More Number of Shelves Options Available! $171.99

Branded round acrylic countertop display case with custom graphics
16" Round Countertop Display Case with Lift-Off Top & Custom Printing - White Base
More Overall Height & Overall Diameter Options Available! $173.99

Tabletop Gallery Display Showcase for Collectibles
16 x 16 Countertop Display Case with Lift-Off Acrylic Top - White
More Overall Height & Color Options Available! $193.99

19-inch wide by 15-inch high by 15-inch deep large clear display riser case
19 x 15 Countertop Display Case, Collapsible, Acrylic - Clear
More Common Size (w x h x d) Options Available! $212.99

Clear and black model ship cases
Model Display Case w/ Lift-Off Top & Removable Riser, 0.25" Thick Acrylic, Black Base
More Common Size (w x h x d) Options Available! $236.99 #1 Best Seller!

Ways to Display Beanie Babies:

Beanie babies are more than just a 90’s fad - they’re an investment and a collector’s item! You’ve stocked up on tag protectors. You’ve curated your collection to include only the most valuable or your favorite toys. You’ve done everything you protect your collection - now all you need is a beanie baby display case! Our line of containers, boxes, and shelving units is designed to not only display your plush toys, but protect them from things like dust, damage, or theft! With so many styles and sizes of beanie baby cases, you’re sure to find the right fixture to fit your collection. Read on to learn more about the types of toy cases we sell and choose the design that will best display your beanie babies!

Acrylic Beanie Baby Cases:

These small, plastic containers are perfect for showing off just one or two special stuffed animals. The streamlined appearance of the clear acrylic lends a modern appearance to your display, while the material itself is incredibly durable, promising to protect your collectibles for years to come. Place these beanie baby display boxes on shelves, mantles, desks, or where ever you want! Because they’re small and compact, you won’t be limited by space restrictions when deciding where you want to show off your special plush toy!

Beanie Baby Display Cases with Shelves:

Available in wall mounting or countertop models, these display cases feature shelves that are perfect for holding larger collections of beanie babies! We offer showcases with tempered safety glass, locking doors, in-set lights, mirrored backs, and many other incredible features! Whether you’re a seasoned collector or shopping for your first beanie case, you’ll find a model that has the features you’re looking for. For example, we offer other beanie baby display cases that offer a simpler means of display. Our acrylic countertop models come with 2 to 5 shelves and can be less expensive than larger glass kits. Because models are available in table top and wall hanging options, you have many options when it comes to placement! Shop all the styles of this page and find the right display for you and your collection!

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