Bilingual Social Distancing Signs in English and Spanish

Essential Business Bilingual Social Distancing Signage Helps Promote Public Health Guidelines

Does your business have a culturally diverse, multi-lingual client base that needs to be reached with effective signage? Our collection of bilingual social distancing signage come on pre-printed vinyl or premium photo paper with vibrant colorations, making each sign incredibly visable to your guests. Available with English and Spanish messaging, these public health reminders maximize exposure and reach larger audiences. Choose bilingual social distancing signage for stanchions to help with crowd control, which is especially useful while ushering customers into stores with limited capacity as well as organizing checkout lines. Physical distance floor decals feature an easy-stick adhesive which leaves no residue once removed, perfect as a temporary or seasonal fixture during peak times. Place bilinual social distancing signage on tabletops as well to seperate students or restaurant guests at school cafeterias and dining areas. With more and more essential businesses reopening, these signs are a vital tool to maintain an orderly workspace and give your customers some peace of mind.

What businesses use bilingual social distancing signage?
  • Restaurants often have limited seating arrangements, relying on multi-person booths or tightly placed bar seating. With new guidelines, these locations benefit from social distancing signage by clearly marking which seats are available with large print and vibrant colors - so there is no question. Using signs in this way also helps when public health inspecters come to ensure businesses are following proper protocol.
  • Retail Locationsneed ample social distancing signage to keep up with ever-changing public health guidelines. To be fully equipped, shopping centers should include floor graphics, hanging signs, and stanchion displays into their toolkit. Tabletop stickers are especially effective for mall food courts or suctomer service counters.
  • Doctor's offices care for diverse communities of both english and spanish speakers. Multi-lingual social distancing signage will help ease tensions, stress, or confusion in the waiting and exam rooms. Clearly marking limited-access areas will help control foot traffic, crowds, and ease your patients concerns.

Use social distancing signage everywhere possible to let your customer's know that you take their health seriously during these trying times. Multi-lingual signs will help your business reach more of your guests in order to avoid public confusion and keep your operation running smoothly. We offer a plethora of fixtures, signs, and tools to help your business get up-to-date with public health guidelines. Displays2go is commited to equipping your business with everything it needs to take on this pandemic, and has had a swift response in product laucnhes including crowd control barriers, acrylic sheilds, signs, and hand sanitizer dispensers. It is all of our social responsability to take care of our customers and our community together.

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