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Black Essential Retail Showcases Securely Present High-End Merchandise Through Tempered Glass

Retail Display Counters with LED Lighting Illuminates Best Selling Merchandise

These black essential retail showcases are great for displaying jewelry, collectibles, high-end, and age restricted products while remaining highly-visible and secure. The merchandising cases include four LED lights to ensure that your top wares are featured from behind tempered glass that protects them from theft. Our black essential retail showcases add a touch of curiosity to customer's shopping experience by singling out must-have merchandise.

Patrons drawn to these fixtures will give you more opportunities for upselling. A black essential retail showcase is the perfect addition to pique interest at your boutique, or retail store. Shop owners can give more information about products and list their features.

Protected by push-in lock and key entry with a sliding door system, these essential retail showcases allow full control of product placement and sales. Each shelf is adjustable to fit products of varying sizes and offer many different display options. Use retail showcases together to form seamless presentations of high-end or fragile merchandise and diversify your showroom.

What are the main features of these essential retail showcases?

  • 20-watt Halogen or LED lights illuminate your products and grab customer attention. Track lighting is turned on and off with a simple switch and is rearranged in seconds.
  • Cabinets include two adjustable shelves, with clips, to ensure that merchandise of any size fits in these essential retail showcases with an array display options.
  • Floor levelers tune these counters against uneven surfaces so that the case and any products inside remain balanced at all times.
  • Merchandise is protected by a push-in lock and key system coupled with sliding doors that safeguard your items while allowing easy access when selling to a customer.
  • Our tempered glass retail showcases offer greater durability than traditional annealed glass. If this material is broken, it falls into more manageable pieces reduce safety risks.

Retail stores use retail showcases to direct customers to valuable, best-selling items that need extra care through the sales process. These displays attract attention due to their high-end appearance and the exclusivity of the products inside. Use these counters to tell patrons that what is inside is special, one-of-a-kind, and promote a sense of urgency. By positioning high-interest items in these showcases, retailers prompt customers to ask about the product, which allows for a high quality sales experience and increased conversion rates!

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