Black Plastic Condiment Caddies Organize Restaurant and Breakroom Drink Bars

Black Plastic Multi-Pocket Caddies Organize Cups, Lids, and Condiments on Restaurant Drink Stations

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to tidy up congested counterspace in your café or break room? Our black plastic condiment caddies are effective multi-pocket fixtures that optimize restaurant or drink bar stations. Designed with the food industry in mind, each cup and lid dispenser is made from ABS or polystyrene, which are easy to clean during and after a busy shift. Use these black plastic condiment caddies as an all-in-one solution to organize accompaniments such as ketchup, garnishes, napkins, and cups. These dispensers for café countertops take up limited space, perfect for busy establishments where extra room may be restricted. Fast food restaurants, concession stands, and office break rooms all utilize these inexpensive black plastic condiment caddies. Each multi-pocket dispenser is a must-have feature for any fast-paced restaurant environment and provides customers with a consolidated place to grab supplies on the go.

What types of café table organizers are available?
  • Cup and lid dispensers are perfect for restaurant drink stations. Place disposable coffee shop drink ware in accessible areas for staff to manage to-go orders, or customers to take-away extra supplies. These black plastic condiment caddies have an open side design, making it easy to tell when stock is running low and a refill is needed.
  • Tiered silverware holders give customers a central place to grab single-use items such as forks, knives, spoons, and straws. By having a location for your guest to access utensils, less time is spent asking employees for assistance. The open top design makes silverware easy to grab and even easier to restock as needed.
  • Multi-pocket plastic condiment caddies provide ample space for dressings such as ketchup and sugar packets, as well as creamers, napkins, and more. Place these accessory holders by a café drink station so customers can add never have to reach far to grab a little something extra for their drink or to-go order.

Use plastic condiment caddies to organize high-traffic restaurant countertops with limited space. These dispensers have a compact design, providing cafés with more room to display menus, bins, and racks. Check out our collections of food displays for all of your café merchandising needs. From menu boards, to hostess stands, table tents and more, Displays2go is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to supply and advertise your restaurant.

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