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Changing Room Lockers

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Keep Clothes and Belongings Secure with Changing Room Lockers

Give your clients and employees peace of mind by equipping your facility with changing room lockers to safeguard valuables during their stay. Built to last, many of these dressing lockers are fashioned from 16 gauge steel and finished with a powder coating for an extra layer of protection. They will even stand up to season after season of rugby team use! Constructed with in-door ventilation systems, these lockers allow the air to flow in and out, aiding in cleanliness, freshness and stability. Interior hooks allow clothing to be hung wrinkle-free, perfect for busy clients who are hitting the gym in between meetings. Continuous piano hinges line the entire length of the tall lockers, and will last through many years of opening and closing. Clients can bring their own locks, or combination/key mechanisms can be provided to the community by the facility.

Changing lockers are used by a wide variety of institutions and facilities. Whether it's a hospital providing a room for doctors and nurses to change into their scrubs or a massage therapist office, these dynamic security compartments are to be found everywhere. Depending on the primary usage for them, the number and size of the chambers should be carefully considered. If the changing room locker will be used for quick changes, like in school athletic gyms or community pools, small compartments should suffice. Longer stays? Purchase a set of lockers with three foot high sections. Even choose one with nameplates to personalize tags for long term residents. Ensure that enough compartments are available for all guests. More is better than less - nobody wants to have to share a locker!

To build out a full-service changing room, don't forget to purchase changing room benches to position close by!

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