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Desks for Computers, Gaming, and Reception - Height Adjustable, Mobile & More

Comfortable, Adjustable, and Reliable Workstations for Home or Office

Are you looking for the right furniture to help you get work done? Whether you’re freelancing from home, moving around the office or classroom, or relaxing at your gaming setup, our desks have plenty of options to keep you comfortable and working efficiently. More likely than not, your workstation is where you’ll spend a large chunk of your time, which is why it’s important to find something that fits your needs, your comfort, and your style. Choosing a desk with built-in shelves may be the right call for someone who needs to have all their materials nearby, whereas a rolling workstation would better suit teacher’s assistants or healthcare workers whose jobs necessitate constantly changing locations. Thinking about your space can be a good place to start as well. Most people tend to work on laptops, so smaller tables are enough room to get things done. Ergonomic computer desks are great for compact gaming setups as well. But what if you have a highly-specialized use in mind? We also offer reception stations that fit perfectly into corporate environments and student carrels for study hall or test taking.

What factors should I consider when buying a workstation?
  • Functionality — Sometimes you just need a desk that gives you the option of sitting or standing. Think about the way you like to get things done and how you do them. If you need to move from place to place, put mobility and locking wheels at the top of your must-haves. Have a lot of tools or materials you need access to quickly? Make shelving a priority. If you’ve got a ton of devices or components, you’ve got a ton of wires, so maybe cable management is an important consideration.
  • Use and Placement — When you get right down to it, what you do there is more important than the desk itself. It may be worth buying a piece of furniture that is suited specifically to the task at hand. Reception stations are purpose-built for clerical tasks and visitor check-in, for example, and people generally expect a certain design or style when they see one. For students taking tests or studying, privacy is key. That’s why carrels are enclosed on three sides — to prevent cheating and encourage focus.
  • Style — Of course, you can’t discount the look and feel of your furniture. A desk that you actually like, one that fits with your decor just right and makes you want to sit down and get to work, can be just as important as the other bells and whistles. When you’re tackling tasks, be sure to choose a workstation that fits your personal style and leaves a positive impression.

Based on the type of work you do, you might need more storage or more space for multiple devices. One factor that often goes under-considered is the ergonomic design of a workspace. More and more research shows that sitting for prolonged periods can have negative effects on our health. That’s why sit and stand converters for monitors, keyboards, and laptops are becoming so popular. The truth is that we should be standing up more often than we do. These simple add-ons to your desk easily facilitate making that healthier choice.

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