Digital Literature Holders - Electronic Signage Catalog Displays

Magazine and Brochure Holders with LCD Display

Want to feature periodicals with attractive advertisements? These digital literature holders have a flat panel screen for showing videos. Each rack has wire pockets for displaying catalogs, magazines, and brochures. The digital literature holders are great for retail stores as well as trade show booths because they attract passersby with ease. Other industries utilize them as well — hotels use them to advertise nearby attractions while banks give customers more information about their services and plans. Use digital literature holders to boost sales and inform patrons.

How do these periodical displays with an LCD screen work? The digital literature holders feature a convenient plug-and-play design that makes showing your videos a breeze. The 7", 10", or 21.5" LCD screen has a USB port for thumb drives. Alternatively, use an SD, SDHC, or MMC memory card with your advertisements. Each unit comes with a remote control to quickly manage the content that's shown. The flat panels can display full-motion videos, still images, and even slideshows.

The literature holders additionally include speakers, attracting passersby with audio messages. This is excellent for explaining your services at busy events like trade shows. On the other hand, you can use them to play music that simply gets people to notice your booth.

Our literature holders have other features that make them an excellent choice for promoting your brand and products. Their light metal frame is highly portable, perfect for packing up and bringing to events. Another feature of these electronic magazine racks is their secure design that keeps the screen safe. Even though the flat panel is at the top of the unit, it's kept stable with the included security screws. Keep cables out of the way with zip ties that come with the display to prevent tripping and cords coming. They even include a locking bracket that protects the screen from theft.

These electronic catalog holders are a great way to get attention, whether you're selling magazines or promoting your company. Buy on for fast shipping and bulk pricing.

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