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Educational Tables to Assist in Learning & Collaborating

Education-Based Tables for Schools and Learning Centers

To keep up with the ever-changing times, our educational tables offer an effective way to learn and collaborate. Teachers have changed their style to open conversations and are doing more group work. Having students in rows and an educator writing on the board has become less frequent. Keep your students learning and engaged with the help of our educational tables. From childcare centers to college classrooms, these activity counters are used by students of all grade levels. There is no single use for these school tabletops. They’re great for group projects and are popular in classroom learning centers. Classes today are veering away from traditional, structured practices and thanks to our activity tables teachers are able to make learning fun!

What kinds of learning-based tabletops are available?
  • Multipurpose educational tables come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to fit almost any need. Most are outfitted with height adjustable legs to accommodate children of any size - including toddlers. Shades of gray, maple, mahogany and black are available.
  • 4, 5 and 6 foot training tabletops with casters are ideal in learning centers for tutoring and colleges in lecture halls. These are also great in one-on-one settings, or for individual working. The tops flip up to allow for nested storage to save space, making them a great solution for multi-use rooms that need to be reconfigured on the fly.
  • Dry-erase activity countertops are a great creative space for young children. They are perfectly designed to help the development of toddler and preschoolers.
  • Children’s desks with wheels are available for a single student or there are desks big enough for two children to work together. These desktops have the ability to hold computers and their accessories.
  • Mobile sit-stand desks are extremely popular in schools right now. Studies have shown it’s very healthy for students to stand more throughout the day instead of staying stagnant in chairs. More and more schools are investing in these countertop models. They can be used anywhere from elementary schools to college campuses.

All our education-based furniture is made from durable material to withstand wear-and-tear. The construction and design of our activity tabletops have kid-friendly features. Most are coated with a protective finish that resists stains and spills. Those used in daycares and elementary schools with younger children, feature rounded corners and edges to prevent injuries. Regardless of the setting, we are confident any one of our education-based countertops will help assist in the collaboration and learning of students of all ages. Shop online at Displays2go.com to take advantage of quick shipping and low prices!

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