Fitted Table Covers For a Neat & Polished Appearance at Special Events

Form Fitted Table Cloths - Look Sharp at High-End, Modern Events

If you're in the market for crisp and professional event décor, you're in the right place. Our fitted table covers drape snugly over your trade show or catering platform to create a seamless appearance with neat, clean lines. High-end events and contemporary establishments call for a more modern atmosphere. Our fitted table covers deliver a polished and minimalist look for those who want to let their products or other décor take the limelight. With understated linens, it’s easier to take the focal point away from your furnishings and instead highlight what you’re trying to show off — whether it's the food and presentation at a catered party or your highly coveted products at a tradeshow or conference.

Our fitted table covers come in many colors and styles. The tailor-fit tablecloths are available in stretch spandex for a truly seamless appearance or an exact draped fit with openings for quick setup. If you're looking to really ramp up your event, throw a custom logo or design on there. We offer fitted tablecloths available with full color, dye sublimated printing that are uniquely effective at getting your brand message into the eyes of many. Custom table throws are wildly popular in the trade show and catering world because you have to seize every opportunity to get your name out there and persuade attendees to remember who you are. If you’re looking for linens that are a little more casual-sleek than the more formal and traditional table skirt option, these clean, fitted covers are for you.

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