Flip Frames

22x28 Twin Pedestal Poster Display with Double Sided Design
22” x 28” Poster Stand w/ Frosted Shelf, Snap Open, Double Sided - Silver
More Color & Number of Shelves Options Available! $535.69

22x28 Double Sided Bulletin Holder Shown with Poster Inserted
22” x 28” Poster Stand w/ Matte Shelf, Snap Open, Double Sided - Black
More Color & Number of Shelves Options Available! $535.69

sign display stand
22 x 28 Poster Stand, Snap Open, 6 Feet Tall - Silver
More Media Size Options Available! $284.89

literature sign stand
24 x 36 Poster Stand with Literature Holders, 4"/8.5"w, Double Sided - Silver
More Number of Pockets & Media Size Options Available! $394.89

light panel
36 x 72 LED Light Box for Wall, Snap Open - Black
More Media Size & Color Options Available! $1,363.99

Flip Frames with Snap Edges

Wondering what a flip frame is or why you might use one? A flip frame is any poster frame, sign holder, or sidewalk sign that features special snap-open frame edges. By snapping open a flip frame, you can swap out the graphics in your sign quickly and easily without having to remove it from the wall or stand. Our clients who operate businesses or public facilities love these snap-open borders because it makes changing their establishment’s signage absolutely painless. Movie theaters, community centers, delis, salons, and real estate agencies are all businesses that benefit from our huge selection of innovative flip frames. However, these snappy sign holders are not just for use in the business community! Homeowners and decorators love our flip-open poster frames for hanging photos and graphics in children’s’ bedrooms, home theaters, game rooms, even craft areas! Browse a section of 100’s of products on this page today. Sizes range from as small as 5” x 7” to as large as 40” x 60”, but our bestselling flip poster frame is sized to fit 24” x 36” graphics. From floor standing pedestals, to aluminum wall mounting displays, you’re sure to fit the perfect signage option for you in our large selection!

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