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Metal Adjustable Literature Pockets with Black and Silver Finishes

brochure stand
3-Tiered Literature Floor Stand, 4"/8.5"w, 6/9 Pockets, Curved - Silver
More Overall Width & Secondary Color Options Available!

leaflet display
3-Tiered Literature Floor Stand, 4"/8.5"w, 6/9 Pockets, Curved - Silver
More Overall Width & Secondary Color Options Available!

Adjustable Metal Pockets for 4x9 and 8.5x11 Literature

Need to feature both brochures and magazines? Our metal adjustable literature pockets include removable dividers for featuring both 4" and 8.5" wide promotional materials. The aluminum and steel displays are great for businesses that want to explain their services to the public. Feature metal adjustable literature pockets in hotel lobbies and office entrances where visitors can get more information. We offer a wide variety of pamphlet and catalog holders with mesh, wire, and clear acrylic slots for creating high visibility dispensers. Browse our selection of metal adjustable literature pockets that will make periodicals stand out to passersby and prospective customers.

What types of brochure and magazine displays are available?
  • Floor standing metal adjustable literature pockets are excellent for advertising because of their sturdy fabrication. These freestanding displays are offered in a variety of designs to meet business's promotional needs.
    • Spinning adjustable literature pocket stands rotate to feature a large quantity of pamphlets and catalogs. Steel spinner racks are ideal for selling magazines and periodicals in retail stores. With up to 40 steel mesh slots for 8.5x11 prints, which can convert into 80 shelves for brochures, there's lots of space for promotional materials.
    • Adjustable literature pocket floor stands with sign frames feature company logos and messaging to draw more attention to leaflets. Common poster sizes from 8.5" x 11" to 24" x 36" add extra visibility to your marketing materials. Double sided graphic and take-away holders will advertise to both sides of foot traffic, making them ideal for department stores, large building lobbies, and mallways.
    • Standalone floor and counter stands with literature pockets are simple — they point all the attention to catalogs and pamphlets. These freestanding displays are typically more compact yet they have a high capacity for printed materials. We offer modern wavy designs as well as conventional straight framing to match your décor. For more sleek leaflet holders, browse our plastic and acrylic booklet displays with contemporary clear and black finishes.
  • Wall mounted literature pockets are ideal for businesses that want to place their brochures and periodicals closer to eye level. These racks for promotional materials are available with or without an attention-grabbing poster frame. The wall mounts feature contemporary wavy design options as well.

How are these print media pockets with removable dividers used? In shared buildings with multiple companies, different pamphlet and magazine sizes can be placed side by side. Large advertising campaigns with a variety of take-aways can all be featured in the same place to give visitors options on what to take. Browse our vast catalog for the marketing fixtures that best meet your needs.

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