Museum Tech Solutions for Engaging Gallery Exhibits and Self-Guided Tours

iPad Air Security Case, 9.75" Overall Height
iPad Air Protective Case w/ Cable, 4 Dial Combination Lock - Black
More Color Options Available! $31.27 $13.30 Save 57%

Countertop iPad Stand
iPad Counter Stands w/ Locking Enclosure, Exposed Home Button - Black
More Color & Home Button Options Available! $98.99 $24.42 Save 75%

Lightweight table menu power bank
Charging Station Menu Holder w/ 2 USB Ports, Slide-In 4x9 Sign - Black
More Media Size Options Available! $39.99 $36.99 Save 8%

Power bank menu holder with 2 USB ports
Charging Station Menu Holder w/ 2 USB Ports, Slide-In 4x6 Sign - Black
More Media Size Options Available! $40.83 $36.99 Save 9%

Desk iPad Mount
iPad Desktop Stand, Locking Enclosure w/Hidden Home, CC Reader Compatible, Silver
More Home Button & Color Options Available! $98.83 $36.99 Save 63%

tablet security mount
iPad Bumper Case w/ Security Lock – Silver
More Color Options Available! $43.09 $38.99 Save 10%

Modern Digital Displays for The Connected Museum or Gallery

Is your gallery or exhibit still using paper pamphlets to get information to patrons? We offer a large selection of modern museum tech solutions designed to take your guided tours into the digital age. Imagine your guests being able to get more information about a specific showcase or artist using an iPad mounted to the wall or displayed in a tablet floorstand along the way. Smart and easy museum tech solutions can help your patrons direct themselves to the pieces and exhibits they're most interested in. Can you envision your guests being impressed and drawn in by sleek digital signage announcing upcoming tours or shows? We carry affordable plug'n'play floorstanding LCD displays with crisp and vibrant graphics that will make your customers feel comfortable and like they're in a current and hip environment that they'll want to return to. Some of these floorstanding display monitors even feature the ability to change your ads and content remotely from external locations! It helps to make your guests feel like they're taken care of while in your facility. A public charging station for powering up mobile devices is a great way to accomodate pedestrians that are visting your location. Everyone has a cell-phone or tablet on their person these days.

Displays2go carries a wide variety of products designed to outfit museums, exhibitions and art galleries. Browse our full catalog for many other unique fixtures that are designed to show off, and also protect, your prized collection. Don't see what you're looking for? We have an entire collection of museum displays and exhibit fixtures available.

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