Outdoor Menu Stands Draw Passersby and Walk-Ins Inside Your Restaurant

With many restaurants expanding or developing outside dining areas, drawing in potential patrons is a critical endeavor. Passersby play an important part for any eatery. Unless they are regulars, newcomers looking at your establishment for the first time will make all sorts of conclusions. One of the most important items to consider is the food menu. Displaying your offerings outside on the sidewalk or just before the entrance can provide potential paying customers with a reason to step in. Our outdoor menu stands are designed to resist the elements while working hard for you, the restaurant owner. The cases feature hinged lids that open up like a car hood. Support rods on either side keep the lid up while you add or change the inserts. We offer models that display two or three menus, with traditional pushpin corkboard or black magnetic surfaces. All outdoor menu stands come with two wheels for easy transport. Simply tilt the display back until the casters engage, then wheel it out in the morning then back inside at closing. Optional internal illumination eliminates the need for directing light at night, yet another time-saving feature! But what about rain, you say? The cases come with rubber gasketing the runs around the interior perimeter. Once the lid is closed, it creates a waterproof seal that encapsulates the entire menu display area. Showcasing your food listings in one of these professional menu stands will be welcomed by your patrons, and may increase your revenue by enticing more passersby to frequent your restaurant.

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