Parking Cones and Signage

Parking Cones for Safety and Wayfinding

In need of high quality and affordable parking cones for your various projects and events? You've arrived at the right place. Our selection of outdoor road cones, cone signage and parking solutions are versatile directional and safety markers that are used across every industry. Construction and telecom companies take safety measures by setting up highly visibile parking cones around the site where work is being completed. Valet and event management services use these road cones to instruct drivers and direct traffic towards desired areas. This is common at large sports stadiums, concert ampitheatres, weddings, award ceremonies, you name it! Parking cones, of course are also used by driving schools to set courses and obstacles for drivers in out!

When most people think of a traffic cone, they think of the basic orange cones commonly seen on the side of the road when that new pipeline is going in, or an icy winter led to severe potholes. Displays2go has these cones, with reflective stripes and built with heavy duty PVC material to stand up to the elements. If you're sectioning off a hazardous area, try using traffic cones with a 15' belt instead of building a perimeter with dozens of individual cones. The black and yellow diagonal stripes warn potential trespassers and the net result is the same effect as a perimeter of smaller cones, yet more affordable and with a shorter set up/break down time. If the parking cones will be used for valet services, or event management, try using ones that double as a sign stand. The top sign area can be used to direct cars towards different parking lots (think Parking Lot A and Parking Lot B), or towards different subsections of the event (think Reception Area or Catering). We will even custom print the signs for you so you're assured the sign and cone are compatible together. Any combination of these parking lot cones will result in an easy-to-navigate, safe zone for your guests or passersby to naviagate!

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