Red Plain Table Covers for Trade Shows and Events

Plain Red Linens for Highly Visible Table Decoration

Are you exhibiting at a trade show or other event and worried you'll get lost in the crowd? Red plain table covers provide that extra visibility you're looking for. Featuring vibrant hues on a wide selection of linen styles, let this intense color do the talking for you! Our red plain table covers are available at low, low prices and fit within the budget constraints of just about everyone. This primary color is one of the most visible (right behind yellow) and by its very nature, captures attention. Use red plain table covers at your next trade show to energize the public and motivate them to take action, two things you want to achieve at any public event.

What types of table decorations are available?
  • Simple plain red covers drape over tables just like traditional tablecloths. The only difference is these versions drape to the floor, completely covering the legs. You can buy models that cover all four sides or choose one with the rear side open. This is advantageous if you want space for rear seating or easy access to supplies. Another option is the fitted cover. This style can either drape loosely or hug the rectangular lines of the table for an entirely different look.
  • Stretch-fit fabric is a more contemporary style that adds curves to the overall presentation. The spandex covers come with pockets for the legs that help hold the stretch fabric tightly under the stress. The result is a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance that transforms standard or cocktail tables into something fun and unique.
  • Skirting is another linen application designed to add extra style to boring tables. The shirred pleating provides just the right amount of decorative pageantry to banquets, receptions, and other catered events. We sell skirts that come with the tablecloth for a complete and finished appearance.
  • Runners are simple rectangles of fabric that accent tabletops. Designed to drape over table covers of a contrasting color, runners provide a central place on the table for spotlighting flower arrangements, awards, or other centerpieces.

When choosing a color for any table decoration, take into account its overall effect on the viewer. It has to represent you, your business, and the message you wish to project. Understanding a color's meaning is very important as the wrong choice could be detrimental. In the case of the color red, use its powerful leverage to make a connection between you and potential customers or clients. It is assertive, energetic, and exciting. There's a reason red is at the highest arc of the rainbow!

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