Red Acrylic Condiment Caddies Dispense Restaurant Accompaniments with Compact Deisgns

Multi-Pocket Red Acrylic Condiment Caddies Maximize Value of Café Counter Space

Are you looking to organize your restaurant's drink bar or breakroom table while consolidating space? Our multi-tiered red acrylic condiment caddies are a great solution to otherwise cluttered cantina countertops. We designed these cup, lid, and packet dispensers specifically with the food industry in mind, easy to find with their bold crimson color and easier to clean at the end of a hectic shift. Use our red acrylic condiment caddies in high-traffic areas to dominate the drink station with their vibrant coloration so that customers can find what they need and make room for the next person in seconds. These cup and lid organizers feature multi-tiered designs to maximize the effectiveness of the limited real estate they occupy. Red acrylic condiment caddies are a cost-effective tool for fast food restaurants, office break rooms, and coffee shops alike. Each unit has one, or many pockets suitable to hold disposable cups, napkins, packets, straws, and more in an organized fashion.

What are some of the different styles of dispensers available?
  • Multi-tiered disposable cup and lid dispensers provide everything your customers need to grab a drink on the go, especially at self-serve stations. Each compartment boasts a side cut-out so employees can easy gauge when a refill is needed. Place these units in accessible areas beside soda fountains, coffee bars, and in office break rooms.
  • Red acrylic condiment caddies for restaurant accompaniments organize ketchup packets, napkins, and straws all from one multi-pocket dispenser. Place disposable silverware or single-use drink additives such as creamer, sugar, and teabags within reach to supplement your customers to-go-orders.
  • All-in-one acrylic condiment caddies do it all! These fixtures hold everything in one consolidated area, saving you precious counter space, reducing clutter, and the need for additional fixtures. Use acrylic condiment caddies with multiple compartments to save your guest the time it takes to look around, creating a streamlined process and causing them to distract your employees less.

Having an organized café drink station is essential to creating a streamlined customer experience. Having everything your guest need in one consolidated place means they will be in-and-out after their order has been fulfilled. Each condiment caddy is built with a compact design, which maximizes counter space and gives coffee shops more room for additional fixtures. Don't stop with cup, lid, and packet organizers. Displays2go carries plenty of food displays for everything menu boards, to table tents, hostess stands, menu covers, and additional signage. Shop Displays2go as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to get your restaurant or breakroom ready to serve this past-paced industry.

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