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8 x 10 Wood Picture Frame for Tabletop or Wall Mount - Black
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Common School Picture Frame Sizes Range from 4"x 6" Tradable Photos to 8" x 10" Class Portrait Displays

Are you looking for an attractive way to showcase your child or loved ones' yearly class photo in your office or living room, or to share with family members as a gift? Our school picture frames are available in common sizes including 4" x 6", 5" x 7", and 8" x 10", perfect for smaller images that can be displayed on your desk or larger compositions such as group photographs, sporting and club shots, or even senior class portraits. Whether you are a proud parent or a student looking to protect the memories made in school, there is nothing like looking back on this time and realizing you were a part of a special tradition. If you want your or your child's photos to stand the test of time, keepsake school picture frames will safeguard these milestone images from damage while showcasing them in style. If you invested time and money in professionally shot photographs, it is only natural to want to present them in an equally professional display. The right school picture frame can truly change the way a photograph is perceived, so it is important to choose one that not only matches the composition, but also the style and decor of where it will be showcased.

What Sizes Of Class Photo Displays are Most Popular?
  • 4" x 6" Standard photographs are most common at any level of education, from your child's first kindergarten shoot through their senior class portrait. Stock up on 4" x 6" school picture frames to line up over the years, telling the story of your loved one's growth or swapping out images as time passes.
  • 5" x 7" compositions are best suited for portraits or any image where a person is the primary focus. These class picture frames are slightly larger, better suited for display in public-facing areas such as along your entertainment center, school trophy case, or office desktop.
  • 8" x 10" are a step below traditional poster sizes, making them a fantastic option to showcase large class photos with everyone in frame. These picture frames make a statement without dominating wall or desktop space, allowing guests to clearly view the image from a distance.

As with any artistic display, the right frame makes all of the difference. Class photos are something meant to be shared with the family, shown off to coworkers, and maintained as a keepsake to look back on for years to come. We offer a variety of frames, ranging from ornate metal designs, simple acrylic, wooden, wall-mounted, or desktop options. Our selection of class photo frames is intended for professional use in photography studios, making them stand out even more so in your home or office. Shop our full range of photography frames to find the perfect match for your composition. Whether looking back on your child's experience, or even your own, there is nothing like reminiscing over the past. Protect your investment, and protect your treasured memories with quality photo frames from Displays2go.

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