Slatwall Fittings

Fittings for Slatwalls Allow You to Exhibit Merchandise of All Kinds

Never worry about not having the right slatwall fittings for the job, and adorn your new panels with a custom arrangement of hooks, shelves and baskets. As a building material, slatwall is quickly being adopted by brick and mortar storefronts all over the country for good reason. Shopfitters and store managers do not have to commit to shelving one particular product in one particular location, and instead can display inventory of all shapes and sizes in the same vicinity. Think of the possibilities! Sell a combination of complementary goods that require different hanging hardware right next to each other as a combo unit. For example, right underneath shelves of dress shoes, hang baskets of matching socks or racks of belts. Next to the hooks with hanging tennis rackets, stock cans of balls on a slatwall shelf. You are only limited by your imagination!

What kinds of slatwall fittings are available, and what are some of their uses?

  • Slat Shelving: Shelves are a classic choice for any shopowner. Their versatility, strength and appearance make them a popular fixture on wall slots everywhere. Use them to hold larger, standalone products that require a 360 degree view in order for the shopper to make a decision. These shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Try an oval shelf fitting for a modern, accessible platform that you can feel comfortable putting even your most precious merchandise on.

  • Slat Hooks: Hooks make popular fittings in clothing stores, convenience stores and any other industry that sells hangable merchandise. Use these hooks either by themselves, or with coat hangers, clips and other accessories that can fasten goods to the fixtures. Grocery stores and other food retailers arrange rows of slat hooks to hang bags of chips, granola, candy and other bagged prepared food. Try using a multi-hook fitting for a tiered arm that is easy to hang and remove clothing from.

  • Slat Picture Hooks: Slatwall isn't only used to hang merchandise. It can be used to hang pictures and signs too! Decorate your slatwall panels with graphics and images to encourage purchases or inform shoppers about sales. Mix these in with other slatwall fittings for an engaging exhibit of multi-merchandise offerings.

  • Slat Literature Holders: Present pamphlets, brochures and more to shoppers with these acrylic fittings. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, these make sure the customer never misses the magazine, guide or other supplementary literature as they browse through products.

  • Slat Baskets and Bins: For those miscellaneous items, make sure to include slat bins in your merchandising arrangement. Nail polish, chapstick, candy and wristbands are just a few examples of the products that are perfect for these acrylic fittings. Pair them with wire baskets and accessorize your panel display with a roomy amount of storage and display space. Choose from several sizes and never have to worry about customers missing those point-of-sale items again!
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