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Standing Desks | Height Adjustable Workstations & Desktop Converters

Sit-Stand Desks Will Change the Way You Work

We could all benefit from a comfortable, ergonomic workspace — whether it's at home or in the office. Standing desks are one of the most effective solutions for reducing neck and back strain for employees that spend many hours each day at a computer. Displays2go's stand up workstations feature a manual crank adjustment for incremental height increases, and a large surface area for all of your monitors, keyboard, mouse and accessories.

Sit-stand desktop converters are an affordable option that allows you to turn any desk or table into a height adjustable workstation. These compact folding risers feature a gas-assisted lift that help you go from sitting to standing in seconds. The stepless adjustment enables you to find the perfect height, personalized for your posture throughout the workday. The compact desktop surface is ideal for laptops, tablets, and single monitor set ups.

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