Hard Shell Equipment Cases Provide Maximum Protection for Valuable Items

Padded Shipping Cases Include Customizable Pick and Pull Foam Inserts

No matter what you carry, we've got the indestructible luggage to help you get there. These hard shell equipment cases are designed to secure and protect valuable electronic devices, cameras, and other sensitive gear during shipment or travel. Thanks to their customizable foam inserts, the containers can handle any regular or irregular shape or form. Excellent choices for photographers and videographers, our hard shell equipment cases are also suitable for many other applications and industries. Got a drone? These recreational aerial vehicles are notoriously fragile. Protect their delicate construction before heading to and from the field. Your sensitive gear will stay dry and dust-free inside the HPRC (High Performance Resin Case). Virtually indestructible and loaded with features, these hard shell equipment containers are the go-to choice for professionals everywhere.

What defining features make these rugged shipping cases so popular?

  • Lightweight and Unbreakable — The shockproof containers withstand impacts and drops, yet the molded resin construction doesn't add unnecessary weight to get the job done. The cases come with convenient carrying handles as well as a retractable arm for use with the wheels just like a carry-on bag.
  • Secure — Strong button latches keep the lid tightly closed. Larger models have steel hasps for padlocks. With the ability to endure extreme temperatures, the cases are also waterproof. The lid features a tongue and groove design with a rubber O-ring that provides an airtight seal. A pressure release valve equalizes the air pressure for easier opening, ensuring your valuables stay in perfect condition.
  • Customizable — The protective EVA foam comes in pre-scored sheets. Unlike most competitors, we include the padding with every hard shell container purchase! These pick and pull inserts are designed to offer a perfect fit for whatever goes inside. Simply remove the foam cubes to match the contours of the object. Thanks to their deep design, the cases come with numerous pre-scored sheets in order to pad objects in all four directions.

Another feature is accountability. Whether you are packing firearms or expensive electronic field equipment, it pays to know if all items are accounted for. Thanks to the customized layout with a hole for each unique object, you'll know instantly if something's missing. For the best in durability and reliability, choose these competitively-priced padded cases today. Travel and/or ship with the confidence your valuable items will arrive safe and sound!

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