Wire Literature Floor Stands Store & Organize Flyers and Periodicals

3-Tiered Wire Newspaper Rack for Floor, with Separate Header - Black
More Number of Tiers Options Available! #4 Best Seller!

Need a way to display lots of printed materials at your place of business? These affordably priced wire literature floor stands can handle the load. Boasting up to 36 individual pockets, offer customers brochures, newspapers, or magazines without wasting a lot of valuable floor space. Constructed from steel wire in either black or silver finishes, these wire literature floor stands are built to last! Slanted brochure racks, featuring a multi-level tiered design, are excellent choices for standard folded pamphlets and flyers. In addition, thanks to their open pocket design, larger periodicals like magazines can also be displayed. Rotating literature stands, also called floor spinners, store magazines as well as books, CDs, and DVDs. Customers like to browse while shopping, so adding these spinners to your store's layout encourages this behavior (and makes economic sense). Newspaper racks are the standard display fixtures seen in convenience stores, usually situated near entrances and checkout counters. Stock the day's news, classified ads, and/or real estate listings within easy reach. Single shelf models are available or opt for multiple-shelf styles that accommodate more than one stack. No matter what you sell, these racks and stands will be an important addition to your retail business.

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